Galaxy Horizons

Blacklist Policy

Galaxy Horizons operates a blacklist policy for serious offenders who have conducted themselves in a manner where we feel a players behaviour has gone over the top, or if we feel that they are a threat to the safety of a member in the community, or the stability of the community as a whole.
Members of the Server Admin Team are responsible for determining if an offence is worthy of a blacklist, this includes moderation colleagues in the process as to review evidence of previous offences before a majority decision is made.
The following offences are deemed to be serious enough for a player to be blacklisted from accessing our services
Serious Threats
Any event in which a threat involving someone's IP address, real address or safety is involved. This includes but is not limited to DDoS, DOX and Swat threats.
Being involved in doxxing players
An event where a player is involved in doxxing, spreading a dox, releasing private information of a player or being involved in a conversation that asks a user to dox a player.
Being involved in ddosing players
Sending players IPs of other players or having booters installed on your computer will result in a blacklist. Same goes with sending IP grabbers and other suspicious links.
Serious Inappropriate Content
Serious innapropriate content violations and repeat inappropriate conduct with other players will lead to a blacklist.