Galaxy Horizons


Our Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to set home! What do I do?

If you have forgotten to set your home, do not be alarmed, if you contact a Moderator or Admin in-game, we will gladly help you get back.

How do I play with my friends?

Playing with your friends on Galaxy Horizons is incredibly straight forward, you could teleport to your friends using /tpa or /tpahere.
You can also /trust your friends to your claims to build with each other and use /msg to talk with each other!

I have a new account, can I transfer my items and rank?

If you still have access to your old account, you can transfer your items and claims to your new account directly. Ranks may be transferred if a request is made to the Server Management team via discord ticket. We will have to confirm that you are the account holder of both accounts.
If you no longer have access to your old account, contact an Admin via our support discord or in game.
If we are able to verify you are the owner of the old account, we can transfer your rank, claims and inventories. In the interests of security, your old account will be permanently banned during this process, and this cannot be reversed.

I have found a bug, what do I do?

Our Development team work extremely hard to eliminate any bugs that you may find on Galaxy Horizons, however sometimes we miss a few. All we ask you to do is inform us via a bug report ticket on discord and we'll keep you updated on the progress.

Issue with a purchase?

Web Store Purchase Queries are best direct to our management team on discord via a ticket or via email to our support email [email protected] we're always happy to help!

How do I apply for staff?

Looking to join the Galaxy Horizons Staff Team? If so head to our discord server and apply via the apply button in the #ticket channel