Galaxy Horizons

Basic Commands

These are the fundamental commands that are available globally on the Galaxy Horizons Network!
Teleports the player to the Spawn.
Switches the Player to the Lobby Server.
Displays some of our main rules and a link to our network rules page.
Provides a link to this wiki as well as a link to our support on Discord.
Displays an invite link for our discord community.
Displays the active vote sites.
Allows players to see how many votes are required until the next VoteParty.
Opens the decorative heads menu.
/tpa [Player]
Send a teleport request to a player.
/tpahere [Player]
Request that a player teleports to you.
Accept a teleportation request.
/ignore [Player]
Ignore a players chat messages.
/unignore [Player]
Allows you to unblock an ignored player.