Galaxy Horizons


An Introduction to Galaxy Horizons

Welcome to Galaxy Horizons!

If you're a new player welcome to the Galaxy Horizons Wiki, in this section I will give you a very basic introduction to our server, more detailed information is offered within the rest of the wiki.
Galaxy Horizons is a semi-vanilla survival server, we are similar to playing regular survival but with some great quality-of-life improvements to make the game more fun and engaging with players.
Voting: We have voting that helps you earn rewards! Voting is also a way to earn Crate Keys, which can be used to unlock lots of unique items.
Claims: You could claim your land to ensure that other players cannot steal your items or break your home. We do not allow Griefing on Galaxy Horizons, but we still recommend everyone claims their land to prevent issues with stealing.
Sethomes: You can use "/sethome (name)" to create a home at your base. Use "/home (name)" to teleport to the location.
Rank up to gain more sethomes, see "/ranks" in-game or our perk list in the rank section of the specific server.
Ranks: Galaxy Horizons has a variety of in-game ranks as well as donor ranks. In-Game ranks can be unlocked by achieving certain milestones, each rank granting you additional sethomes and perks.
Donator ranks and their additional perks could be viewed on the server store.